jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

Some more pictures Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia

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Note: Of course, Myanmar not with my bike (foreign vehicules are not allowed in Myanmar. This might change in the next months). Btw, motorcycles are not allowed in Yangon (not even local ones) however I saw a big bike running on Yangon streets, I unforntunatly couldnt take a picture.

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domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

More pictures, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and some final thoughts


After more than 16,000 km and 12 countries (Spain, Italy, Albany, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tailand, Cambodia, Laos), it is time for me to say thank you to some people:

-          Tanveer Abbas and Waseem Qaiser from Taytona leather wears and Shoo Industries. These guys gave me a motorcycle jacket for free after the bastards Iranian (police) stole my jacket. Great guys, great business people and great factory. Their products have an excellent quality/price relationship and they produce motorcycle garments for many European brands. 
-          Bora  excellent tires at very good price.
-          Jeewan from Eagle eyes and his brother, they offered a great service sending my bike from Nepal to Bangkok. Thx a lot for everything.
-          The humble people that let us sleep next to their homes in Pakistan and even offered us to have dinner with them.
-          Thank you to all those anonymous people that gave me support with so many small or big details, that gave me the correct address, that made me a discount on the hotel price, that didn’t cheat me on the prices (I really get upset with the stupid people that always try to cheat you because as you are a foreigner they think you are a combination of reach and stupid guy…)
Of course, thank you to Arancha, my wife for supporting me in this great adventure and my friends.

I also met some bastards, and the greatest bastards of all of them the pasdaran members / thieves that robbed me in Iran. Just corrupt drugadicts policemen / thieves that unfortunately I met. I also have to say that Iranian police in general didn't behaved in a professional way as they took me to 3 police stations where they didn’t let me talk to my embassy and they were basically concerned about getting a signature saying that the Iranian police was great with me, their second priority was about  driving my bike but they even didn’t give me a copy of the police report I wrote (btw I asked the police to show me the pictures of the pasdaran members they were patrolling that road that day,… I am still waiting for any answer); therefore, in Iran you probably can meet great people as I did in the border of Pakistan Mahsa and Behzad, with which I was travelling in Pakistan great time with great people, but in Iran, my advice, be careful with Pasdaran / police if they stop you on the road.

Some thoughts:
-          Environment.  If you want to know if a country and their people are educated, developed and nice people, you don’t check the quality of the cars they drive or their buildings or roads, you just check the rubbish you find alongside the road, the more rubbish you see, the more rubbish their inhabitants  are (only exception I found to this was Nepal, great people but very dirty country).  In summary, let’s make the proper efforts to protect the world or we are clearly going to our self destruction.
-          Education. If we really want to make a relevant change in our world, then we have to work much harder on providing proper education (this also connects with the former point). Education takes a lot of time to have a real impact, but that is the only way to really make proper and positive changes.
-          World: Islam, China and the rest. Are we going to be clever enough to keep this running?... well, unless we don’t make the proper steps in the 2 previous points I don’t really know how sustainable our world can be.
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